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The Digital Advantage: Online and Classroom Learning 2018
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

For individuals who are driving digital as a business imperative
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

We are seeing the emergence of the digital age which most organisations and their business leaders are totally unprepared for as they continue to see the world through the social lense of a 19th century business management model which is rapidly losing relevance.

More than ever, Information technology (I.T.) is dramatically transforming the business and public-sector landscape and is having a direct impact on our prospects, our existing/future customers and society as a whole. In the past the business architecture and business strategies would be depicted and then they would verbalize the need to I.T. to enable and execute on the need. The model has now been turned on its head and recently seen a shift where technology is influencing and significantly affecting the strategic landscape and direct business model from the onset which needs to be core to the businesses strategic landscape, in turn creates opportunities and constraints that Senior Executives and Managers need to address in many aspects to drive their digital imperative.

If you look at the evolution of technology and its impact on human sociology in the past 10-15 years, the question is not whether you are ready for the change its whether you can keep up with the pace of change and stay relevant regardless of your products and services. Are we prepared for what is coming? The question is not “if” but when it does impact your sector and at the pace its currently moving at, are you geared and built to adapt to these technological disruptions and adopt them to your advantage or will we be yesterday’s news.

The business of tomorrow needs to be a continuous disruptor to their industry through being fully integrated end-to-end, leverage off the technological platforms it has, have the relevant data at the right time, with digitization and digital dexterity at the heart of their customer engagement and operating model. The digital imperative is real, and we need to amplify our people, culture and technology platforms to deliver on breakthrough value. The business of the future is now.

How you will benefit

  • An understanding for the importance, relevance of Technology and its enablement to your business/sector and where it plays a role strategically;
  • The importance of aligning and merging your business and I.T. architecture with direction to ensure its complement;
  • Seeing where the world is going in terms of digitalization and mobilization and seeing where your organisation fits into this to see where opportunities may exist;
  • Understanding how I.T. can lead to tangible benefits to your organisation and what it takes to make system/application delivery a success;
  • Knowing what the current threats are to your organisation, how to guard against this, what future compliancy will mean and what is required to be prepared for the intrusion;
  • How to see your data as an asset and how this can be a game changer to achieving operation efficiencies and insights into your overall business and customers to further drive revenue;

Who should attend?

Senior Executives, Managers, Specialists and any individuals that require the insight and capability to further depict and understand the impact of technology on their business models, sector and society as a whole

Course Staff

Tony Christodoulou

Tony Christodoulou

Tony is currently the Vice President of Information Technology & Process Excellence for the Midlle East, Europe and Africa Region at American Tower Corporation. Tony has also recently taken on as an addition the I.T ePMO (Enterprise Portfolio Management Office) Division as in addition which covers Global I.T Change Portfolio including U.S, LATAM and APAC. American Tower Corporation is a Fortune 500 global company and provider of wireless communications infrastructure.

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Herman Singh

Herman is the Group Chief Digital Officer for the MTN Group, and has served in this position since November 2015. Herman is responsible for driving out the formulation and execution of MTN's Digital and Innovation Strategy. Herman joined the MTN Group from Vodacom, where he held the position of Managing Executive for Mobile Commerce. Prior to that, he was the CEO of Beyond Payments, the Innovation and New Business Incubator division of the Standard Bank Group. Herman has an MBA degree from the University of Witwatersrand (Wits) and a BSc. in Engineering

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only